A recording studio in Ferndale has dedicated its first Thursday night comedy of the month to actresses

The cold weather stood no chance against a night filled with good humor, merriment and endless fun.
The Young Rebel Recording Studio, Ferndale, hosted its first annual Thursday Night Comedy on August 4.

The local recording studio frequently hosts such events on the first Thursday of every month, but in honor of Women’s Month, they’ve teamed up with three talented local comedians – Tanya Olckers aka Tamski, Bomi Shinga and the 5FM presenter Yanga Mjoli.

This group of men indulged in the all-female comedy night. Photo: Lonwabo Sangqu

Hilarious comedian Tebogo Ntlhane was the MC for the event. He wasted no time and started making people laugh by sharing his experience back home in Hammanskraal when he dated a white person.

“I went out with a white person and took her home and the whole community was so happy. My problem is that the next morning after I brought this lady home, people came out with their resumes, applying for jobs.

The three comedians’ topics ranged from Hollywood waxing to male athletes. Tamski shared his confusion around muscle men at the gym and called them “vris” because that’s what they called them in Afrikaans. “You never understand how they get those muscles because you never see them training. All they do is stand in front of the mirror and take a selfie,” Tamski joked.

Tebogo Ntlhane is the MC for the first Thursday night comedy on August 4th. Photo: Lonwabo Sangqu

Shinga pleased the audience with her failed “murdering queen” experiment as a feminist. She detailed how she tried to get back into the dating game. “This guy came to get me and you would never believe what he did? Even today, I think of his audacity.

“He came and opened the door for me. So this guy looked at me and assumed I couldn’t open my own car door just because I’m a woman. I told her, boetie [brother] you are sexist because if i was a man you would never do that.

The audience was truly breathless. Photo: Lonwabo Sangqu

Mjoli being the closing act shared her story as a Xhosa “coconut” who her mother had lied to for most of her childhood. She shared that after being asked about her father by a peer while making Father’s Day cards, she came home and asked her mother where her father was. “My mom just looked me in the eye and said ‘oh baby, your dad got eaten by a shark so let’s move on.'”

These topics left the audience breathless.

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