Enter the recording studio for KAVALALA; Available today!

Kalevala’s highly anticipated original concept album The Musical (book, music and lyrics by Johanna Telander) famous its out today, June 24. The album features orchestrations by Finnish virtuoso Marko Hilpo, and is mixed by Jay Alton at Alton Audio, and mastered by Brian Lucey at Magic Garden Mastering. It will be available on all major music platforms.

The album features Tony and Olivier namedRamin Karimloo, Julia Murney, Marine PiresQuentin Garzon, Reeta VestmanOmer Shaish, Nathalie Toro, Johanna Telander, Kay Trinity, Alyssa Fox, Amanda Yachechak, Brandon Contrera, Madison Claire Parks, Kristi Roosmaa, Nirvana Pal, and Davna Ceron. Set includes Angeline MirendaAriel Neydavud, Brittany RodinChristopher Clay, Courtney CheathamEeppi Ursin, Elena Ramos Pascullo, Jade Rosenberg, Janine Morita CollettiJoey Boover, John Koski, Kimberly Emmanuel, Mark ChristopherMarkus Kaitila, Marshall Ross, Mikael Haavisto, Nicholas Leung, Nicole CorrisNoel Houle-von Behren, Olivia Valli, Petra Jasmiina, Rebbeka Vega-Romero, Stephen Velasquez. The group consists of Marko Hilpo, ToneLydia Hull, Nadir Aslam, Katie Chambers, Magdalena Kress, Olli Hirvonen, Ian Riley, Arei SekiguchiKate Amrine, Julie Dombroski, Jessica Santiago, Liann Cline, Johanna TelanderJustin Vance, Tom Kmiecik.

Johanna Telander: “Kalevala the Musical is more than a musical based on a myth. It is not only a tribute to the Finnish national epic poem, filled with fascinating heroes and exciting stories, but it also highlights the relationship of nature with humanity. I have always been interested in trees and how they can survive us hundreds of years, watching us go through our lives in the blink of an eye. What fascinating storytellers would they be if we knew how to listen what they have to say? I chose their vantage point to tell this story to tap into our roots as inhabitants of their world. Perhaps if we listened, their whispers could become clear to us again.

Kalevala The Musical is an epic fantasy set to a lush score of pop, jazz and a touch of Finnish folk music. Inspired by the Finnish national poem, the story follows two children who find an ancient artifact in the woods, opening a magical portal to the forgotten world of Kalevala. Four nature spirits lead children on an adventure through a set of runes to help return the lost spirit of man, Väinämöinen, to its roots, so they can save the world from impending darkness. Ultimately, children become entangled in the story, learning how their creativity can hold the power to change the world.

Kalevala The Musical is produced by Quentin Garzón and co-produced by Kristi Roosmaa. Public Relations and Marketing by Petra Haapamäki, Jenni Niemi, Drew Lent, Kiera Moran, Cate Hudson.

Below, get an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at the making of the album and Click here to order today!

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