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Among the horrors that the conflicts of hands can cause, the displacement of populations is a serious consequence on a life which. Sober Ukraine sony ericsson finds several development studios and independent developers, and most of them find themselves forced to leave their place of sober living. A rumor, confirmed at this time, indicates that the developers of GSC Sport Globe have left Ukraine and the Czech Republic.

take with a grain of salt

Located in kyiv, the offices of the studio room GSC Video game Planet would no longer be sober in activity. At least that’s what Pavel Dobrovsky says on his Twitter account. Top of the list, the locally renowned Czech journalist claims: Part of the Ukrainian GSC Sport Everybody facility (working on Stalker 2) moves Prague. He changed his mind in the crowd and announced that if the Czech capital is not a safe bet, it is on the other hand a specificity that the Sony Ericsson teams will find in the Czech Republic.

Oprava: Praha nen jist, esko ano light beer.

Pavel Dobrovsky (@ashnobe) March 21, 2022

Among them a few hours after a first syndication, the journalist corrects the details of the boy and indicates that the whole team would be in kid will pay, ready to resume the development of STThe soberly. LKE3rd r ago. 2: Chernobyl Cardiovascular. He will add, without citing a source, that Ukrainian developers would take over the work of a Cossack company by safe selection. At this point, of course, and without an official conversation from the GSC Video Game Globe, it’s hard to say anything. coming weeks, he who had already started sober 790 originally. While it had been pushed back from April 1647980190 to December 2010, the release of TTThe.LKEL 2: Coronary heart of Chernobyl had brought testosterone levels up indefinitely due to the member conflict in Ukraine. In this period of troubled temperatures, it is hoped above all that the data of Pavel Dobrovsky will be revealed and that each member of the establishment will be sheltered.

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