GTR Recording Studio: where hitmakers find inspiration

Creating the next hit track or album goes beyond just having the right gear. Home to exceptional recording and mixing studios, GTR Recording Studio was founded by DJ Salvo Riggi – a man with a vision and a determination to think differently.

What sets this Dubai-based studio apart is their high-quality recording, editing, composing and writing of music. Hundreds of singers and filmmakers have achieved their goals with the help of GTR Recording Studio. After all, 70% of a song’s success is based on the quality of its production and recording.

Collaboration with the best names in the game

GTR Recording Studio has worked on many top artists such as Maitre Gims, Desiigner, Silento, Tony Yao, Movlog, DJ Daddy K Elam Stone, T-Garcia, Akon, Stormzy, Jackboy, Maes, Snik, Vlospa, Soso Maness , Capo , Natali Itani, Lil Freeny and many more.

A quality that fuels creativity

The GTR recording studio is a staple of the recording industry, drawing on years of vision, creativity and imagination. It offers everything you need to create magic.

Whether it’s a TV commercial, library music, voiceover or music video, the studio provides a welcoming environment where clients are treated as partners and strong relationships are built. favoured. By doing all of this under one roof, you can be sure to have an experienced hand that understands your music every step of the way.

From high-quality tools to state-of-the-art equipment, GTR Recording Studio only believes in the best. Some of its offerings include:

Kii THREE Professional Mixing & Mastering Studio Monitors Apollo X16 (for better sound quality)

Mac Manley Core Preamplifier Equipment

Neve 1073 preamplifier and equalizer

Teletronix LA-2A 1167 Compressor Classic Level Amplifier

Telefunken Neumann U47 Tube Microphone Aston Origin Micro

Neumann u87/ Capacitor

Universal Plugins Nexus 2 Logic X Synths

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