Microsoft PowerPoint gets a recording studio to help you make successful presentations

Even if you’re using the best presentation software, it can be difficult to deliver the perfect presentation to your audience, which is why Microsoft is adding a new recording studio to PowerPoint.

Whether you’re working from home and presenting on video conferencing software or planning to pitch your ideas to your team at the office, PowerPoint’s recording studio lets you practice ahead of time so you can deliver more impactful and engaging presentations.

Clicking “Record” in the upper right corner of PowerPoint will take you to a custom view that you can customize with a countdown timer to let you know when to start speaking.

If you want to further enhance your presentation while practicing, you can also annotate slides as you go using ink and a laser pointer.

Recording studio views and sharing

Since everyone has their own preferences when viewing and presenting their work in PowerPoint, Microsoft has created three recording studio views to choose from.

The first, which is the default view, is the Teleprompter view and this view is ideal for many recordings as it helps presenters focus on getting their points across. It allows you to simultaneously watch your webcam and read your notes.

Presenter View, on the other hand, displays the slide you’re currently presenting and your notes on the right side of the pane, along with thumbnail views of all upcoming slides, similar to Presenter View in PowerPoint Live. Finally, the side view is for those who like to keep things simple and speak spontaneously. This view is also recommended for users who plan to annotate their slides as they go and need a larger canvas.

After you finish recording a presentation in PowerPoint, you can click “Export” to save it as a video and share it with your colleagues. However, if your PowerPoint file and video are on SharePoint or OneDrive, they are automatically saved to the same location.

While giving presentations can be a nerve-wracking experience for some people, Microsoft’s new recording studio in PowerPoint should help ease some of the anxiety, as users will have plenty of opportunities to practice and hone them. before showing their work to an audience.

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