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NewImag3, which also has a clothing line, started rapping as a teenager when he beat the beat for his friends to rap during school lunch breaks. Eventually he began to write his own lyrics. About 12 years ago he switched to gospel rap.

“I was about 20. I was locked up and realized that the case I was locked up on, I actually wrote a rap about it and talked about it,” he said. he declares. “I realized that I wanted to do something different with my words. So if I could say something negative in my life, I wanted to say something positive in my life.

Denzell Small, who performs as NewImag3, performs at the Live By Love music festival in Myrtle Beach on Tuesday night. Photo by Christian Boschult

QBall Grady also used to play secular hip hop and rap until he switched to a gospel message while keeping the same musical style.

“He woke me up,” Grady said of God’s influence on his music. “Before, I had a completely different way of life. But when he changed me and he saved me and helped me out of the sin that I was living, he helped me plant seeds by this music.

Singer-songwriter Melanie Turner, who plays Lady Love, met Swani Love at a music festival in Surfside Beach and wanted to help raise money for the mobile recording studio.

Swani Love

Swani Love performs at the Live By Love music festival, which she organized to raise funds for a tour bus with a recording studio that children can use for free. Photo by Christian Boschult

Lady Love said singing her books as a child made learning easier.

“I had a hard time staying focused on just reading the words,” she said. “It made more sense, because I have a speech impediment, I would remember it better by singing certain things. It’s a way of learning, but for me, it’s through music and the sounds and vibrations of sounds and what it feels like inside.

At 48, Lady Love considers herself a “mother goose” to the local music community and enjoys “nurturing the community and its passions, be it music, art, dance, whatever it is, to bring them out. Because I feel like we are our happiest selves when that happens.

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The music continued until shortly before 9 p.m. Swani Love said she plans to hold more festivals, hopefully as early as this summer, and possibly include bigger tours. She needs to raise between $2,500 and $3,000 to complete the bus.

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