New music recording space for young people | Blue Mountains Gazette

Young people now have a music recording space to use for free in Katoomba.

MYST (Mountains Youth Services Team) set up the room at their Katoomba Youth Center, with funding of over $6,000 donated by Stuart Cam of Future State Studios and Upper Blue Mountains Sunrise Rotary Club.

The Blue Mountains group Safire Palms in the new musical space of MYST. Pictured are Riley Johns, Nic Macken, Rory Wilson and Bailey Brown.

Katoomba Music also repaired a bass guitar for MYST for free and offered to maintain the instruments in the future.

“At MYST, we recognized that there are a lot of young people in the mountains who like to make music but who may not be able to afford equipment, or maybe they can’t make noise at home and many also don’t have the space to practice or the financial means to set aside time in the studio to record their music,” said MYST manager Kim Scanlon.

The space allows young bands to rehearse and record their music for free.

MYST will host a showcase day early in the year, once COVID restrictions ease, to show interested young people how to use the equipment.

Once young people have gone through an orientation process in using the equipment, they will be given a ‘MYST license’ to use the equipment, so they can contact Ms Scanlon to sign up.

If young people – between 12 and 25 years old – are interested in an initiation and the use of the equipment, contact Mrs Scanlon on 0488 037 237.

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