Russell Brand faces opposition to recording studio plans in his pub

Comedian Russell Brand is facing opposition to his plan to set up a recording studio in his 15th century pub near Henley.

Pablo Diablo’s Legitimate Business Firm Ltd has asked South Oxfordshire District Council to ‘change the use of the garage to a recording studio with minor external alterations’ at the Grade II listed Crown of Pishill.

Planning documents indicate that the applicant is under extreme time pressure due to the planned launch of a new show on September 25.

Mr Brand, 47, is believed to be planning to register his You Tube channel on the site.

The pub, a popular wedding venue, is temporarily closed and is being used as accommodation for Mr Brand’s freelance staff.

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The property includes terraces, parking, a detached barn, a two bedroom house and a garage.

The documents state: “The entire property has recently undergone a change of ownership and the public house is temporarily closed while plans to renovate the building and formulate the nature of the new establishment are put in place.

“The intention is to reopen the pub in due course. In the meantime it is partly occupied by staff working freelance for the applicant.

“The delivery of the new studio will mean that production staff can be relocated there and plans to reopen the public house can be continued.”

But neighbor Caroline Dempsey objected to the plans, citing a stand-up show Mr Brand put on in The Barn.

She wrote: “A performance by Russell Brand of his stand-up show gave a taste of life under the new owners; there were cars left anyway and everywhere, doubles and triples parked with at least eight at the proposed development site.

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“We are therefore of the view that The Crown cannot currently maintain the business model adopted by the owners due to an insufficient number of parking spaces when all spaces, i.e. offices, studios and the performance hall (The Barn) are up and running and as Russell and Laura Brand continues to be more successful, as I hope and am sure, parking and road safety issues will only to get worse.”

The Environmental Protection Team and Pishill with Stonor Parish Council have also raised concerns about the noise impact.

The parish council added that they wanted to see progress in reopening the pub before any further use is considered.

Mr Brand and his wife Laura, who live in Henley, bought The Crown in March 2020.

He said the pub would reopen and be refurbished once its recording studio was built.

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