Take a peek inside the world’s largest residential recording studio

West Texas is home to the world’s largest residential recording studio where musicals like Portugal’s Jenny Lewis perform. The Man and Midland have all lived and worked at some point in their careers.

Sonic Ranch, located in Tornillo, has 35 rooms, five studios and separate mixing and mastering rooms, a swimming pool and basketball court, all located on a working pecan orchard of 3,300 acres that founder Tony Rancich inherited decades ago. according to the studio’s website.

The recording studio housed several musical acts at once due to the studio’s abundance of space.

“It’s kind of like band camp,” singer-songwriter Rett Madison said. Billboard. “It’s like a really magical, peaceful place to be able to be really honest and raw and vulnerable and connect with other musicians.”

Photographs of the various properties show spacious rooms decorated with instruments, wooden walls and ceiling beams, carpets and paintings in a variety of colors and patterns, and lots of lighting.

Sonic Ranch is also home to treasures and artifacts from musical history, according to its website. A studio contains a vintage Neve console that was once used by Madonna at another location before being transported to Texas. A bass guitar used by rock band The Byrds is also an accent piece.

Some of the rooms in the property also have interesting stories. The back room of one studio was once a chinchilla farm and one of the bungalows is an old blacksmith shop.

Sonic Ranch allows artists to visit the space on a tour or even fly in for a night to determine if the location is suitable for their projects, according to the studio’s website.

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