Video shows gunmen outside Bogue Chitto’s recording studio

A security camera at a door to the Bogue Chitto recording studio where La’Curtis Hackett was shot recorded two masked armed men running towards the building in the moments before his death on Friday August 19.

The Enterprise-Journal obtained a one-minute video on Friday. The newspaper posted 19 seconds of the video on its website. The segment is chilling because the speed at which the weapon fired is clearly audible.

One shooter was several steps ahead of the other as they raced towards the studio. A second after the first intruder disappears from the camera, the sound of a forced door is heard, immediately followed by a gunshot.

At least 19 shots were fired off-camera inside the building in less than four seconds. The camera then showed the armed man fleeing the building.

The intruder was out of camera range for no more than seven seconds.

The second masked man, who was also carrying a weapon, was less than halfway down an aisle leading to the recording studio when the gunfire began. When he did, the second man immediately turned away and ran between a shed and a building in the background. The intruder who had been in the studio followed the other man.

Seconds later, a light colored car can be seen in the background driving away from the property.

The video segment not on the website features two men who were in the studio during filming. Each ran towards the buildings in the background, then one returned to the studio.

No one else in the studio with Hackett was injured, Lincoln County Sheriff’s officials said.

Two Pike County men have been charged with murder in the case. Dantez Frith, 22, of McComb and Cameron Stewart, 19, of Magnolia are each charged with murder. A Lincoln County Court judge ordered them held without bail on Tuesday.

Hackett’s death came less than a month after a Pike County grand jury declined to indict him in connection with the 2020 shooting death of Austin Wanzo in McComb. Hackett said a gun fired accidentally.

Officials who confirmed the video was from the Hackett shooting noted that all individuals should be considered innocent until proven guilty in court.

This video from a security camera shows two armed men approaching a recording studio in Bogue Chitto. We enter the building, where at least 19 shots are fired in four seconds. The shooter entered and left the building in less than 10 seconds.

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